My teaching has been strongly influenced by the philosophy of cura personalis, a Jesuit philosophy meaning “care for the whole person”. Instilled in me as an undergraduate student, this involves going beyond educating the mind to include physical and emotional health and well-being. I am particularly invested in preparing those under-represented in the academy, including first-generation students and women, for their success not just in my classroom but in the rest of their university experience and beyond.

As a sociolinguist and educator, my goal as an instructor is to prepare students with the skills and competencies they will need to meet the expectations of language users and to be citizens of our modern society. I apply cura personalis to grow students’ linguistic competencies as well as prepare them for real-world experiences through collaborative classroom experiences. Through this, I challenge students to develop critical awareness and reflect on their own linguistic practices and their social use. My approach to teaching is grounded in the sociocultural theories of language acquired in coursework for my Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Second Language Studies (Applied Linguistics track).

In the classroom, I employ a variety of pedagogical techniques based not only in my training and experience as a researcher and language teacher, but also my involvement mentoring and undergraduate students and their research. By teaching students to value sociolinguistic diversity and engage with social, cultural, and linguistic difference, I invest in them as fellow members of society and budding speakers of the target language.

In action!

I was recently involved with the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at OSU in designing a new curriculum for our Advanced Spanish Grammar course (SPAN 3401). This now consists of video lessons that students watch before class to introduce them to new material. Catch me teaching about the subjunctive mood in Spanish below!

Selected Experience

I have taught a variety of courses ranging from beginning language to advanced Spanish linguistics courses for majors/minors:

SPAN 3404: Spanish Pronunciation
SPAN 3403: Intermediate Spanish Composition
SPAN 3401: Advanced Grammar
SPAN 2330: Reinventing America: Constructing Colonial America (TA to Dr. Lisa Voigt)
SPAN 1155: Intensive Spanish for Review
SPAN 1103: Spanish III (ONLINE)
SPAN 1102: Spanish II
NURS 7193: Integrated Second Language Learning (TA to Dr. Glenn Martínez)