About Me

My research and teaching have been profoundly shaped by my personal journey across many linguistic, cultural, and geographic boundaries. I grew up between Philadelphia, California, and Puerto Rico, and I was the first person in my family to attend college. Before my doctoral studies, I completed my BA in Spanish & International Relations at St. Joseph's University. I spent a year as an Auxiliar de Conversación in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and later began my graduate studies as an MA student in Linguistics at the Universidad de Puerto Rico-Río Piedras. For my MA thesis, I conducted several months of fieldwork in Havana, Cuba, where I became deeply invested in ethnography and qualitative methodologies, and social, political, linguistic, and historical ties across the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and Brazil.

Outside of linguistics, my hobbies include dance (ballet, flamenco, salsa, bhangra, and raqs sharqi), travel, cooking & baking, photography, watching Bollywood films, playing the piano, and working towards becoming a hyperpolyglot. I enjoy reading academic work across anthropology, theology & religious studies, philosophy, and political science. I have been involved in advocacy and support for Turner Syndrome and other intersex conditions since I was diagnosed at a young age.

For inquiring minds... "How many languages do you speak?": English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi-Urdu, Italian, French, Galician. I have studied several years of Arabic and Russian, as well as bits and pieces of other languages.

"How do you say your name?!"

That might depend on which language you're speaking! However, for inquiring minds: [ˈæː.ʃli ˈdɑː.fɪ.ne͡ɪ  t͡ʃi.vi.ˈtɛːl.lo] does the trick, although francophones might insist on [do.fi.ˈnɛ].  'Dauphinais' is my paternal name, and 'Civitello' is my maternal name, and I prefer to use both when possible.